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School Clothes Post 1

Working in education affords one the luxury of dressing outside the realm of traditional professional dress. The position does not require formal attire, although I personally prefer not to wear casual clothes to work, so one can deviate from the business attire required of many professional positions.

I plan to post a weekly visual summary of each week’s ensembles as I put thought and creativity into my weekly work attire. Most weeks I only have four outfits worthy of sharing as Fridays are ‘jeans day’ and I rarely wear anything on that day that warrants sharing with the internet viewing audience.



  • Monday Post 1Pencil Skirt – Gift from Mother in Law, purchased at the weekly street market in Turkey
  • Sweater – Bebe, purchased used from Twice online consignment store
  • Shirt – Tan boat neck shirt, purchased at street market in Turkey
  • Shoes – Guess, purchased on clearance from Rack Room Shoes
  • Earrings – Coban Effect, Onyx and Crystal

Onyx and Crystal Earrings









Tuesday Post 1Tuesday:

  • Button Down Shirt – Old Navy (Linen), purchased from Goodwill
  • Denim Pencil Skirt – Gap
  • Belt – Elastic and Faux Leather, Target
  • Shoes – Bass, purchased at Bass Outlet Store
  • Necklace – Coban Effect, Lapis Lazuli and Chain

Lapis Lazuli and Chain








Wednesday: Outfit 3 Post 1

  • Skirt – Old Navy, coworker cast off to which I add the feathers using acrylic paint
  • Sweater – Target
  • Shirt – Target
  • Shoes – Rack Room Shoes
  • Necklace – Coban Effect, Indian Coin from 1890 with copper chainmaille and leather

Indian Coin and Copper Chainmaille Necklace










Thursday:Outfit 4 Post 1

  • Skirt – Batik, purchased at Turkish outlet mall
  • Shirt – Ann Taylor, purchased at Goodwill
  • Shoes – Mudd, I painted the soles and bottom rims yellow using gesso, acrylic paint and polyurethane
  • Necklace – Coban Effect, Copper Chainmaille and Turquoise

Copper Chainmaille and Turquoise


Consignment Shopping Convert

I have almost completely dispensed with purchasing new clothes because what can be obtained from the consignment store is so much better than what I can afford to buy new.

I have become such a fan of my local Goodwill that it has colored my perspective at stores selling new clothes, even TJ Maxx clearance rack seems pricey. I also enjoy knowing that my purchase at Goodwill does not trigger an increase in production. My grandest Goodwill scores of late include:

  • Mavi capri pants
  • J Jill linen pants
  • Bass linen tank top (new with tags)
  • Etienne Aigner leather coat circa 1978
  • Anne Taylor skirt
  • Calvin Klein white button down shirt
  • James Perse white button down shirt

While I very much enjoy shopping Goodwill it has its limitations. If you are looking for something specific, then it is likely that Goodwill will not have what you are looking for. Goodwill also requires a measure of consumer determination, as the shopper must comb through many racks of clothing to find something worthwhile.

Another consignment store I enjoy, which is a step up from Goodwill, is the online store Twice Clothing.  Having a small child makes Goodwill shopping difficult if not impossible. Twice clothing allows the shopper to filter clothing by size, type, color and brand. Twice clothing reliably sells gently used clothing rather than the mixed bag of clothing quality at Goodwill. I have only made one purchase from this site thus far but I was more than pleased with my purchase.

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