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Cast Iron – Awesome Kitchen Purchase

I recently purchased the single most useful piece of kitchen equipment I have ever owned. A cast iron pan!

While the cast iron pan is probably not news to the vast majority of people who spend anytime cooking, it was a revelation for me as I had never had positive cast iron experiences in a modern kitchen. I have been exposed to the majesty of cast iron cookware in my father’s kitchen and cooking over an open fire at reenactments; however, in my home kitchen I have not had positive experiences. I had a cast iron pan in Turkey but I realize in hindsight that I was not able to properly season the pan without an oven so it fell into disuse.

I am now the proud owner of a large cast iron pan which is well seasoned, thanks to my father. Two of the biggest advantages to the cast iron pan which I have found are: cooking eggs with little oil because they will not stick and cooking potatoes on the stove and then transferring them with the pan directly into the oven.

Added bonus, cast iron pans are very reasonable priced. I got mine at Target for about 20 dollars. I plan to invest in a small frying pan with low sides in the near future, as soon as Target restocks them. I need the pan with low sides for cooking crepes, injera bread, pancakes, etc. as it is so easy to flip flat breads when the pan has low sides.

I have seen that a chainmaille stainless steel pan scrapper is ideal for cleaning cast iron pans. I plan to make one of these for myself and one for my father in the near future. Look for them in my etsy store soon!

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